Four years for KBT – thanks for your support thus far!

Today marks the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust’s fourth anniversary, formed when a group of blind climbers summited Mt […]

Some thought provoking facts surface after KBT director’s recent Africa trip

– 80-87 percent of individuals who are blind are in developing countries. – 80-85 percent of blindness […]

Integrated Approach to Braille Literacy, An Update on KBT’s progress

The Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, with its partners, has been setting up an integrated approach of providing new […]

Crop engineering could solve world’s malnutrition and protect eyesight

A multivitamin for the world’s poor could be found in a cup of corn meal. Scientists in […]

Blind team attempt to set new record on Kilimanjaro

As reported by ABC news in this article, a team of eight blind climbers are set to […]

KBT funds staff training at the African Braille Center

Thanks to funding from the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust, the African Braille Centre has been able to train […]

KBT’s 2009 Project Plan

Based on what we have learned from our previous activities and discussions with several of our partners […]

Celebrating 200 Years of Louis Braille

Here’s a little historical note to celebrate Louis Braille’s 200th birthday: In 1809 Louis Braille was born […]