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A visit to the Kilimani Primary School, Nairobi, Kenya

October 15, 2013 | 0 Comments

October 2013

Lady Kenyatta, wife of the current President, visited the Kilimani Primary School with Kim and Paul Polman to learn about how the school embraces blind and visually imaired students, and how they teach Braille literacy. At Kilimani students learn to read braille through a series of activities.  The school has about 45 blind or visually impaired students out of a total student body of 1200 students.

First, the students become accustom, through pegs on a board, to the concept of dots and creating the different arrangements of the 6 dots (various combinations of two parallel lines of 3 dots each) that make up Braille writing.

Kilimani 1

Secondly, to sensitize their fingers to touch, the student learns to identify different textures.

Kilimani 2

The students then are presented with paper typed with Braille to further sensitize their fingers to the braille letters.Kilimani 3 Lady Kenyatta observes how one student is already reading braille.

Kilimani 4

Another student is showing Lady Kenyatta how he, as a visually impaired student, can learn to read and write using specially designed paper.

Kilimani 5

And finally, a student can use a Brailler machine for typing braille.

Kilimani 6

This articulate young man had achieved full fluency in reading Braille by sharing a speech he had helped to write for the visit of Lady Kenyatta.

Kilimani 7