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Our new SMS tracking system

January 15, 2016 | 0 Comments

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa (KBTA) Trains Technicians on Mobile Short Code Reporting Process

KENYA: Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa conducted 2 days of training for 30 school-based Braille Repair Technicians. This is for the use of its new Mobile Short Code reporting platform. In addition, the process entails the use of an ordinary mobile phone.

Technicians access the platform for free through their mobile phones. Above all, The system also allows them to relay data on the number of blind children and Braille machines in their schools. In addition, they give a report on the use of Braille spare parts. Into the bargain, they make requisitions for the supply of parts and other consumables.


The platform also supports bulk short messaging to all Technicians and Coordinating Itinerant Teachers (CITs).  Effectively, KBTA is able to send a single short message to all Technicians and CITs. Over and above, this has improved communication between KBTA and schools.

Mr. Bernard Moson, the lead System Director, conducted the training. He is working closely with the leading Global Mobile Telephony provider in Kenya, Safaricom Limited. Moreover, two senior officers from the Ministry of Education, Science & Technology attended the training. They were Mr. Fredrick Haga Ochieng (Senior Assistant Director of Education, Special Needs), and Mr. Chris Okange (Principle Quality Assurance Officer)

Mr. Peter Mucheru, Wilson Kurui, and Lawi Malenjeh were recognized for their best performance. This was for their good work in repair and maintenance of Braille machines. On top of that, they had quality and timely reporting. It was a way of motivating the Technicians. KBTA awarded them a trophy – branded mug each. In addition, all participants were awarded a certificate.

It is expected that this platform will ease the reporting process by technicians.  Furthermore, enhance data collection and quality of reports. The initiative will be replicated in other partner countries namely Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi.