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KBTA to trial the new Orbit Reader 20

December 10, 2017 | 0 Comments

KBTA to trial the new Orbit Reader 20

We are pleased to announce that the KBTA will be training the new Orbit Reader. However, it will take place in some of the schools we support. Funded by the Transforming Braille Group, Orbit Research has designed a completely new brailler. It brings innovative technology to the market and dramatically lowers the cost of braille technology. On the other hand, simultaneously bringing several innovations to the market. In Addition, it costs half the price of braille machines. The Orbit Reader 20 is also much lighter, can instantly access enormous amounts of content via Bluetooth. Using an SD card, it can store thousands of braille books or written text via the braille input keys. Read more about the Orbit Reader on the Transforming Braille website