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Braille Proposed Post 2015 Development Goals by the UN

Launch of Interactive and Universally Accessible versions of the High Level Panel Report around the UN General […]

A visit to the Kilimani Primary School, Nairobi, Kenya

October 2013 Lady Kenyatta, wife of the current President, visited the Kilimani Primary School with Kim and […]

Friends recount recent Kilimanjaro climb to raise awareness of KBT

  Holding up the flag is Shaegan and friends (Kasmir, Satch , Aruna) Climbing mount Kilimanjaro was […]

Announcing our 5 Year Anniversary campaign and fundraising event

To mark its 5th Anniversary, KBT has initiated a campaign so as to increase awareness on the plight […]

Watch our video about our Braille Training Programme in Tanzania

Watch the latest video with footage and images of our Braille training program in Tanzania!

Bruce Atchison on Braille Skills

THE BENEFITS OF BRAILLE According to The National Federation of the Blind’s report from the Jernigan Institute, […]

A fe key statistics to share from a 2010 WHO report

Information from surveys done between 2001 and 2008 of over 50 years old: In Africa, 5,888,000 -15% […]

Thank You Poetry

I WAS LIKE YOU I was like you doing all that you can do. Seeing all that […]

Unilever Staff Climb Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro triumph for Unilever employees
Funds raised for the visually impaired Last month ten Unilever employees climbed […]