Our Focus

Unlocking literacy for life

Making a Lasting Impact

Assistive Technology

Ensuring that every learner with visual impairments in East & Southern Africa have access to Braille equipment, quality learning materials and access to innovative technologies; Providing the infrastructure required to track and maintain all Braille machines in countries that we support.

Raised: $50,000|Collect: $350,000
Empowering Educators

Teaching Support

Since Braille is a tactile reading and writing medium necessary for literacy of the blind/visually impaired, the teaching of Braille is a unique vocation, not comparable to any other teaching skills required to educate either sighted students or those with other disabilities.

Raised: $30,000|Collect: $450,000
We Aim To Provide

Training & Support

We’ve designed a full set of services that cover the most pressing areas of need to serve East and southern Africa’s blind children: access to Braille machines and related supplies, a repair ecosystem, teacher training, continuing education grants and new and updated technology.

Raised: $200,000|Collect: $800,000