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kilimanjaro blind trust



Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa (KBTA) works with partners in order to ensure sustainability of their programs and a wide reach of their interventions across 5 countries in Africa. We also collaborate with innovators, researchers and specialists across the world in order to learn and improve our interventions for those with visual impairment access technology and innovation for inclusion.

Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB)

Po Box 1527 Kigali
Poids Lourd Road, Muhima
Nyarugenge, Kigali

Rwanda Union of the Blind (RUB) is an non-governmental organization, registered with the Rwanda Governance Board. It has been operating in Rwanda since 1995 with 62 branches and an estimated membership of 3000 across Rwanda.

RUB works towards the improvement of living conditions of persons with visual impairment in Rwanda. It utilizes advocacy and lobbying, capacity development and other strategies to promote inclusion for persons with visual impairment as well asto improve the legal and institutional framework in Rwanda. KBTA implements its programs in Rwanda in partnership with RUB.

Sense International Tanzania & Uganda
“Realizing rights: from isolation to inclusion”

P. O. Box 72653P. O. Box 72611
Mikocheni B, House No.7
Plot 27, Kimera Road, Ntinda
Ushindi Street
Kampala, Uganda

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Registered in Tanzania and Uganda, Sense International has implemented successful programs to promote acceptance of people with complex disabilities in their communities.

It envisions  a world in which all people with deaf blindness / multisensory impairment are empowered to be equal and active members of society.

Over the years, Sense International has partnered with Governments, KBTA and other organizations to build the capacity of essential services to children with visual impairments and deaf blindness.

Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB)

P.O. Box 5092
CHE/368 Chiwembe
Blantyre, Malawi

Malawi Union of the Blind (MUB) is a local non-profit making, non-governmental organization of the blind and partially sighted people in Malawi. It was registered under the Trustees Incorporation Act in 1996. Its mission is to advocate for the rights of the visually impaired people and further their interests through awareness raising and empowerment so that they participate fully in the national development process. KBTA works in partnership with MUB in Malawi to deliver its programs for the visually impaired.

KBTA also has formal partnership agreements with theinstitutions in Kenya and beyond, some of whom are:

  • INNOVATE NOW  – An incubator and accelerator for new innovative assistive technologies developed by young African entrepreneurs in Keny
  • ORBIT RESEARCH LLB, USA – Develop innovative and affordable digital Braille assistive devices for users in developing countries.
  • OPERATION EYESIGHT UNIVERSAL – An international development organization working to eliminate avoidable blindness and restore eyesight in developing countries.
  • POSTA – Kenya National Postal Service – our collaboration with this national organization has allowed us to send emergency food support all over Kenya to the remotest areas. We are also able to use this service to send equipment and Braille paper all over East Africa.