Date: April 15, 2019

Over the last 10 years we have delivered 900 Braille machines – the “pen and paper” for the blind – repaired a further 25,000 Braille machines in schools, trained 190 technicians and provided 100 tonnes of Braille paper – all part of an end-to-end program to maximize our impact and touch the lives of thousands of children who would otherwise have few chances in life. We have also funded alternative technologies, expanded to four countries and increased blind advocacy in local and national government. KBTA has spent a total of 2 million dollars since its inception.

We are just getting started, and to ensure we have another 10 high-impact years ahead, we hosted a very special 10th-anniversary dinner gala in London on May 22, 2018 featuring music and various other activities. During this year, we also had a 10th-anniversary campaign to ensure we have the resources required to expand our model into other countries in Africa and to help us scale up new and emerging technology that show promise in reducing our costs and increasing our impact. An example of such an innovation is the new Orbit Reader 20. We are very grateful to all our donors and thank them in advance for their generosity!

This year we are also running a 10th-anniversary campaign to ensure we have the resources required to expand our model into other countries and to help us scale new and emerging technology that is showing a lot of promise in reducing our costs and increasing our impact, such as the new Orbit Reader 20. If you’d like to help us reach our goals for our fundraiser, please show your support today by visiting kilimanjaro-blindtrust.charity.org. Many thanks in advance for your generosity!

KBTA 10th Anniversary Celebration

Kilimanjaro Blind Trust Africa celebrated its 10 years of service to learners with visual impairment in East Africa and Malawi on November 23, 2018. The celebration took place at the Kilimani Integrated Primary School, Nairobi and was attended by over 200 people. The guest list included blind children from different primary schools, teachers, government and corporate dignitaries, partners and other stakeholders.

At this event, KBTA took the opportunity to showcase the needs of blind/visually impaired learners as well as the different solutions available to them in Africa. Safaricom, with its history of supporting the needs of people with disabilities, also joined KBTA to launch their White Cane Campaign. Other partners working in the visual disability sector also presented their work to the guests.

The day’s program included a panel discussion on the impact of technology in education of learners with visual impairment. This was to inform stakeholders on the various future opportunities for the education of visually impaired learners. The panel comprised experienced representatives of organizations working in the special needs education sector as well as the private sector and social entrepreneurs.

The highlight of the program was the launch of the Orbit Reader 20, an electronic Braille note-taker and reader. This innovation for Braille users will change the way learners with blindness/visual impairment in Africa can access information and prescribed learning materials in electronic Braille from different sources. KBTA has actively supported development of this technology and now has the distribution rights within our partner countries.