Date: April 15, 2019

KBTA’s objective is to raise 2.5 million dollars by 2020 in order to ensure that every blind learner in school has access to a Braille assistive device. We focus on making a lasting impact, and every investment we make today bears the future in mind. To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, we have designed a full set of services that cover the highest areas of need in serving East Africa’s blind children: access to Braille machines and related supplies, a repair ecosystem, teacher training, and continuing educational grants.

To date, we have already made great progress towards our goals of ensuring that every child can have access to a Braille machine and quality education in Africa. Here are some of our accomplishments to-date across our operating regions:

  • 25,000 Braille machines repair
  • 950 new mechanical Braille machines purchased and put into operation
  • 190 technicians trained across East Africa
  • 100 tons of Braille paper supplied



By promoting and improving literacy, we help blind/visually impaired children to have access to quality education and achieve higher job placement rates, improve their ability to integrate in society and increase their independence. We do this by ensuring that thousands of Braillers across East Africa, are maintained and in working condition. We also provide new Braillers where needed and help support the teaching process by providing Braille paper and other critical supplies. Currently, we are focusing on funding new technology and initiatives that will lower the costs of our services and increase our reach even further.

A huge thank you in advance for your support in helping us bring literacy to Africa’s forgotten children. Our mission is not only to ensure that every blind child has access to Braille technology – their equivalent of pen and paper – but also to help support quality education for these children. Blind graduates who have had access to quality education also have an 80% better chance of finding employment thus enjoying social and economic inclusion. , Your generosity will be a critical step towards helping us continue our journey to ensure that more of Africa’s forgotten children achieve their full potential and independence.