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kilimanjaro blind trust




Date: April 16, 2019

KBTA in East Africa and Malawi


  • Served approximately 2000 learners with visual impairments distributed across 30 special and integrated programs
  • Has a total of 70 trained school-based technicians
  • Provided more than 250 Braille machines. The Government inspired by the KBTA model provided 932 Braille machines and trained 15 additional technicians
  • Repaired more than 6000 mechanical Braille machines since inception
  • Distributed more than 20 tones of quality and affordable Braille paper
  • Has the challenge of being the largest project in geographical coverage


Kenya Project

  • Served approximately 1500 learners with visual impairments in 20 special schools and integrated programs
  • Trained more than 60 school-based Brailler Repair Technicians
  • Provided more than 450 new Braille machines
  • Repaired more than 10,000 Braille machines since inception
  • Provided more than 30 tones of quality and affordable Braille paper
  • Pioneered that Orbit Reader 20 project

Uganda Project

  • Served more than 1000 learners with  visual impairments spread in 40 schools
  • Supplied more than 250 new Braille machines
  • Has 50 trained Braille Repair Technicians
  • Repaired more than 8,000 Braille machines
  • Provided 30 tones of quality and affordable Braille paper

Rwanda Project

  • Supplied 3 tons of quality and affordable Braille paper directly to the Education Centre for the Blind led by the Franciscan Sisters in Kibeho
  • Latest of the KBTA partnership with Rwandese Union of the Blind
  • Piloting the Orbit Reader Project and Braille Literacy projects in 3 special schools
  • Targeting 300 learners with visual impairments spread across a small geographical area.

Malawi Project

  • Served more than 650 learners with visual impairments focussed in 15 resource centres across a fairly small geographical area.
  • Has 15 Trained Brailler machine Repair Technicians
  • Repaired 1,500 Braille machines
  • Provided 5 tonnes of Braille paper
  • Supplied 10 new mechanical Braille machines
  • Implemented the Orbit Reader 20 project with 153 learners with visual impairments across 12 schools.